Commercial Gallery

This gallery features some of our recent commercial work including: Squad ops building RAF Lakenheath, Double days/John Deere Dealership showroom and workshop, Boston and Gainsborough waste transfer station, Alconbury Weald Incubator building, Hampton Community College, Hinchingbrook Hospital maternity ward and Wisbech Library.

Overview of Services

All forms of spraying hygiene coatings, portaflek, intumescent fire protection, exterior cladding to name just a few. Wall coverings which include muraspec wide vinyl, flocks, hessian, blown vinyl, ceilings papered plus much, much more.

Floor coatings from a single pack standard floor coating to a 2 pack epoxy resin coating for heavy traffic areas,non slip safety coatings as well as epoxy floor repairs cracks subject to survey etc..

Anti graffiti coatings applied interior & exterior permanent and sacrificial. We have full public and employers’ liability insurance and we offer you reliable high quality workmanship at very competitive rates. Whatever your needs or requirements contact us.

Services List

  • Main contract des to new builds
  • External cladding colour change or redec
  • Internal/external steel work including working at height
  • Floor painting...waterbased, epoxy resin based, anti slip
  • Safety line demarcations
  • Fire retardant coatings water based, colours and varnish
  • Anti graffiti painting, permanent and sacrificial
  • Anti vandal paint
  • Exterior textured coatings
  • Timber cladding stains and preservatives
  • Hygienic and anti bacterial coatings, hospitals, kitchens etc